Saturday, October 30, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I had planned on starting this 6 months ago when I first had my daughter but life got busy and complicated. I had to log into blogger to enter a sweepstakes and decided that it was time to use this sucker!

So I live a boring life. VERY. BORING. An exciting day to me is when I get to go grocery shopping. My days consist of being home and caring for the baby so I'll be talking about that and other random things.

Well....I'm 25...soon to be 26. My baby girl Ashlyn was born on April 14th and I think she's the most amazing baby there is. SO amazing that I'd be perfectly satisfied if I never had another. I have the most annoying dog on the face of this planet named Fancy...she's a Min Pin. And rounding out the crew is my bf Eric. Fun stuff, right?

Well that's it for my intro so I'm going to maybe do an official post about my day...hope you all enjoy!

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