Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bad blogger!

That’s me! I am really bad at blogging as I’m sure you can tell. It’s not that I’m too busy. It’s mainly I live a boring life and don’t do much of anything. But I guess I’ll try to update anyways.

Miss Diva now has 5 teeth! I was just getting used to her having 4 when the 5th emerged. I like things to be even so I’m really wanting more teeth to come in lol. But now I’m thinking about dealing with a teething baby and I’m not wanting more to come right now HAHA. She started walking 4 days before turning 10 months. She’s a pro at it now…walks more than she crawls. I actually really like it because I can tell if she’s tired by how she walks. She tends to fall A. LOT. if she’s tired so when I see that it’s straight up to the crib for her. I can’t believe she’ll be ONE in just a few short weeks!!!!

We’re having breakfast right now. CORRECTION: she was having breakfast. Suddenly stopped eating her pancakes :/. Wish she’d eat better and I wish there was something in the house I actually wanted to eat. The numbers on the scale keep going down and while to some it’s a good thing…to me it’s not. Mama needs to eat more!

Well Ashlyn has decided that we’re going to go play with her toys so off I go! I’ll try to update later about some craft projects I’ve been working on.