Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good morning?

Last night was absolutely rough leaving me super exhausted. 
So here I am sitting on the couch watching the Fresh Beat Band on NickJr. I can't stand the one character Shout. He's really annoying and clearly an idiot lol. Ashlyn likes the music so I deal with the torture. But back to last night. 

Ashlyn went to bed late. Normally she is out cold by 10:30pm but last night it was after midnight. She kept waking up so around 4am I gave up and decided to just have her sleep in bed with me. Well only one of us got good sleep and it sure wasn't me. My hip hurts. My elbow hurts. I'm beyond exhausted. But I'm her mama and I have to make it work!

I think today we have a shopping day planned. Going to BJ's and the supermarket to stock up on some food. I have to remember to get toilet paper. I was NOT happy when I got my chance to use the bathroom and found the LAST roll of toilet paper SOAKING WET. Why Eric didn't throw it out is beyond me but we won't go there lol. I'll update later about my day. I'm off to enjoy this fabulous cup of coffee.

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