Monday, December 6, 2010

Great weekend

Ashlyn and I had a great weekend out of the house. I don't have a car so we don't get out very often but luckily for us my stepmother invited us out.

Saturday we went to the mall and did a little shopping. I got a pair of shoes for a wedding I'm going to next month. Ashlyn for once didn't get anything lol. After the mall we went back to my parents house for a little while. She got to enjoy some mango which she really loves. Most of the time she showed off how she could climb up the stairs. We were constantly chasing her to grab her up the stairs. She did go up one time so my parents could see her do it. Such a big strong girl for almost 8 months!

Yesterday was an especially big day. We went into NY and my stepmom & I got our hair done. Considering how long we were there, Ashlyn did very good. She wasn't allowed to crawl on the floor which upset her but she eventually took a nap which allowed for some stuff to get done. After that we went to visit family but she had been woken up from a nap so she lived up to her nickname of Crank Master Ash. She kept hiding her face in my chest if someone talked to her and cried whenever the 1 yr. old who was there would scream. Ashlyn is not used to a lot of people and certainly isn't around kids so while she was a bit overwhelmed, I feel as if she did really good. I'm quite proud of my little girl.

The past 2 nights she has slept like a dream which has been fabulous for me. Guess all the excitement wore her out. Now I'm scared that since today is just a normal boring day that she will give me trouble at night again. Guess I'll have to wait a few hours to see.

Well it is now feeding time at the zoo. Hope you have a great day!

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